Vacation at a Sedona Luxury Resort and Spa

Add a touch of elegance and enchantment to your next vacation by visiting a luxury resort in the beautiful setting of Sedona Arizona. The shimmering red color of the Boynton canyon walls, the clear deep blue sky, and the golden desert add a glorious intensity that will satisfy your senses.

Planning a lifetime camping or hiking adventure vacation at the Grand Canyon? After you have enjoyed the physical challenges of the great outdoors, drive a couple of hours from the Canyon and you’ll discover luxury resorts in Sedona like Enchantment, where you can treat yourself to hours of exquisite pampering in a sumptuous setting.

There are both conventional and alternative therapies available at Sedona’s local spas, many of them learned from the Native American tribes indigenous to the area. Perhaps you would like to have a private treatment in your room, or maybe the idea of a hot stone massage, located next to Oak Creek under the open sky, appeals to you even more. There are even private teepees available at Mii amo that can be set up outside for various therapies. These outdoor settings are one of the most requested options when clients make their reservations.

When you go to a resort and spa that is based in Sedona, with its stunning and fantastical red rock landscape, it is only fitting that the culture and heritage of the land and Native America people are embraced. Explore New Age therapies based on beliefs of the Native American tribes who have lived in this area for centuries. You’ll have the opportunity to explore a spiritual life journey that is not available in other locales.

When you visit a Sedona resort and spa the idea is to leave the cares and worries of your daily life behind and immerse yourself in the sensual pleasures that are provided. In addition to warm clay treatments created from the area’s red clay, sipping Prickly Pear cocktails made from cacti found in the Arizona desert, and swimming under a cloudless blue sky, you’ll have the opportunity to discover more about your inner self than you may have dreamed possible.

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Bahamas Golf Resorts

Bahamas is the land of sun, sea and year round azure skies. The constant sunshine and warm weather is what makes the Bahamas a perfect golfing destination. With warm blue skies all year round, golf resorts in this island state thrive the whole year through. Nassau, a popular tourist destination in the Bahamas gets an average of seven hours of sunny, cloudless skies per day, and when it does rain it rarely lasts for longer than a few minutes ? so hours of uninterrupted play in the scenic locales is what the Bahamas promise.

The islands of the Bahamas regularly host world-class tournaments which makes this a must visit destination for ardent golfers as this gives them a chance to see top professionals play and also have the prospect of a game between the tournament rounds at local golf courses. This adds up to a perfect golf vacation for the passionate golfer.

Nassau and Paradise Islands , Grand Bahama Island, Abaco and Eleuthera are the main islands that have some of the best golf resorts in the world. Most of them have a driving range, practice putting green and club house facilities such as a bar, snack bar, pro shop, locker rooms and bag rooms.

One can find 9-hole as well as 18-hole golf courses and irrespective of the handicap, one can find the most suitable course easily enough. The silvery white sand of the bunkers forms a pleasant contrast against the emerald green of the fairways and the water hazards in some of the golf resorts are the Atlantic Ocean itself! The world?s largest sand trap and water hazards are to be found in the Bahamas. The Bahamas golf courses are unparalleled in terms of sheer visual beauty and have the best vista of the ocean.

So if golfing in the most beautiful place on earth is your i

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